Sweden and Russia win team sprint in PyeongChang

Team Sweden I and Russia I have won the team sprint competitions in PyeongChang, Korea.  In the ladies' competition it was a 4-team battle heading into the final lap between Sweden I, Norway I, USA I and USA II.  Liz Stephen of the USA II team known best for her climbing ability up Alpe Cermis on the final stage of the Tour de Ski took control on the first climb of the stadium but was unable to hold off the charge of the Swedish team anchored by Maria Nordstroem and Norway's Silje Oeyre Slind on the final climb.  In the end no one could match Nordstroem and she brought Sweden home to victory by 1.71 seconds ahead of Norway. In third was the USA I as Ida Sargent just out sprinted Stephen by 3.5 seconds.  

In the men's competition it was another team sprint photo finish, this time between Russia and France.  Friday's classic sprint winner Gleb Retivykh brought Russia I to victory by just 0.03 seconds ahead of Lucas Chanavat of France.  In third place was Russia II +5.52 seconds back.  



Elin Mohlin (SWE)
I believed Maria will go for victory, I knew she is very strong. It was very nice to compete in PyeongChang.

Silje Øyre Slind (NOR)
On my first leg I managed to fall in the curve before the stadium. Afterwards I spent a lot of energy to get in contention with the leading group. There was no space for resting on the course. Anna did a great job.

Ida Sargent (USA)
It was one of the toughest team sprints ever. It felt more like a distance competitions. The race was very tough.The course is really demanding.

Gleb Retivykh (RUS)
It was just as hard skating as it was in classic the other day. I did not know in the finish if we won until Andrey told me.

Lucas Chanavat (FRA)
I had amazing skis today. Baptise was skiing great and we were able to be in the leading group.

Nikita Kriukov (RUS)
It feels absolutely great to be back on the podium. For me it’s a very important step on the way back to the top.



LADIES - 1.4 km Team Sprint 

1. SWEDEN I 20:37.11
MOHLIN Elin 1991

2. NORWAY I 20 +1.71
SVENDSEN Anna 1990
SLIND Silje Oeyre 1988

CALDWELL Sophie 1990
SARGENT Ida 1988

PATTERSON Caitlin 1990
STEPHEN Elizabeth 1987

5. SLOVENIA +14.46
VISNAR Katja 1984
LAMPIC Anamarija 1995


MEN - 1.5 km Team Sprint

1. RUSSIA I 19:34.11
PARFENOV Andrey 1987
RETIVYKH Gleb 1991

2. FRANCE +0.03
GROS Baptiste 1990
CHANAVAT Lucas 1994

3. RUSSIA II +5.52
MALTSEV Artem 1993
KRIUKOV Nikita 1985

NEWELL Andrew 1983
HAMILTON Simeon 1987

5. FINLAND +34.56
OJANSIVU Antti 1993
VUORINEN Lauri 1995