•Skofterud started skiing when she was 1 year old. When she was three she was able to ski already 7 km
•When She was 2 years old she took part in her first competition
•At the age of 15 she moved to Hovden to be able to combine school and training


•In 1999 and 2000 she participated at the FIS Junior World Ski Championships
•World Cup debut in March 2000 in Oslo in sprints
•In February 2001 Skofterud competed at the first FIS Nordic World Ski Championships
•In December 2001 first World Cup podium in 5 km race in Cogne (ITA)
•In 2002 she was member of the Norwegian Olympic team. She did her best individual Olympic result – 8th place in 30 km Mass Start Clssic
•In 2003 first medal at World Championships –silver medal in relay
•In 2005 Skofterud was again member of the relay team, which took the World Champion title in the relay
•2007 in Sapporo she completed her medal set with bronze in relay at the World Championships
•In the season 2009/2010 Skofterud was not longer member of the Norwegian National team but she fought her way back
•The biggest success so far is the gold medal in 4x5km relay at the Olympics 2010
•In 2011 she took as well the gold medal in relay with her team at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Oslo and finished twice in the top ten in the individual races (10 km – 9th place; 30 km mass start – 6th spot)
•In 2012 Skofterud won Vasaloppet in the record time of 4:08:24
•Last season after struggling through the first two competitions of the Norwegian Championships, Skofterud decided that it was time to recover for next year


•Skofterud loves the sport – not only skiing – she is also doing water sports like wakeboard and diving, snowboarding and kickboxing
•In February 2008, Skofterud concluded the World Cup season early due to some eating disorders
•After not being nominated for the Norwegian national team 2009/2010, she fought on her own to come back to the top level and had as a support the long-term coach Steinar Mundal
•kofterud joined the Lion Conservation Volunteer Project in April 2011 and made a visit in Africa (Zimbabwe – Wildlife Conservation – African Lion Rehabilitation). She also auctioned her golden winner jacket from the relay victory to raise funds for the lion project. Over US $ 7’000 came together: "It's wonderful to be able to do something I'm really passionate about. I have a genuine commitment to this and also want to contribute financially if I can," stated Vibeke Skofterud.
•Her hobbies are snowboarding, wakeboarding, diving and friends