Weng and Skar win exciting sprints at FIS Scan Cup

Norway dominated also sprint races at FIS Scandinavia Cup opening weekend in Vuokatti. The winners were Tiril Udnes Weng and Sindre Björnestad Skar. Weng got a strong hold of Scandinavia Cup leader’s bib as she won also Friday’s 10 km free technique race.

”I didn’t realise until the finish, I had a good feeling on the top of the big hill where I saw had three seconds or something (gap to the next ones). I was pretty confident but it was tough race all the way to the finish line. This weekend my goal is to have the lead in the cup after the weekend”, Skar said.

Skar was accompanied on the podium with Jan Thomas Jenssen (NOR) who finished second and Karl-Johan Westberg (SWE) who took Sweden’s first podium place this weekend. In the women’s event Silje Öyre Sling (NOR) and Amelie Håkonsen Ous (NOR) took the next places after Weng.

”I almost didn’t qualify for the final so in the final I had to change my tactics and not go in front the whole competition. In the last uphill I decided to go all-in for winning, and I did it”, Weng said with a smile.

There are 10 and 15 km classic technique races in programme on Sunday.

”I am not so good in classic, but in the course there is a lot of double pulling and I like that”, added Weng.