FIS Vision & Mission

It is necessary and valuable for every organisation to reflect on what it is, what it wishes to achieve and how it can reach its goals. Much effort and reflection have been devoted to finding answers, which are by no means as simple as the questions. the following is intended to become the guiding force and inspiration in deciding how FIS understands its mission and what is needed to fulfil it.

the following core principles are the motivation in all FIS does:

  • to act responsibly
  • to show respect
  • to be professional
  • to cooperate with others
  • to apply ethical values
  • to communicate clearly and frequently
  • to look to the future.

By harnessing the collective implementation of the same values, consistency will be assured in managing competitions, in administering FIS and the National Ski Associations, in encouraging participation and in contributing to the protection of the environment.

As a modern International Federation, FIS is committed to implementing its vision with the support of all its partners and stakeholders.

FIS Vision & Mission

FIS Vision & Mission