1961 – Madrid (SPA)

23rd International Ski Congress: 28th May to 3rd June 1961 – Madrid (SPA)

96 delegates from 26 countries

- New types of classifications for Nordic and Alpine Combined events are adopted.
- It is decided that the World Championships in Ski Jumping will be organised on two ski-jumps (70 m and 90 m) from 1962 onwards.
- It is agreed that non-amateurs must be excluded from the Olympic Games. “An Olympic competitor shall have a civilian profession.”
- Collaboration with the sectors of sports medicine and physiology is strengthened at international level.
- A fee of CHF 150.– will henceforth be payable for each event entered on the international calendar.
- As Secretary General Arnold Kaech (SUI) succeeds Sigge Bergmann (SWE).