Martti Uusitalo

Martti Uusitalo (*1971) was elected to the FIS Council in 2014. The former professional alpine skier has an active role in the Finnish Ski Association as the Chairman of 'Ski sport Finland'.

Uusitalo has a wealth of experience in the skiing community on many levels. He was a professional Alpine skier, where he represented Finnish National Team until 1994, when he retired as a professional athlete.

After his skiing carrier, Uusitalo served as the head coach of the Finnish Ladies National Team and built successful team that included skiers like Tanja Poutiainen. He worked until 2001 as Head of the Finnish Alpine and Freestyle disciplines.

In 2001, Uusitalo was named the Alpine Coordinator for FIS, where he worked on various new projects such as the Nations Team Event, World Championship inspection Groups and the Olympic Winter Games.

Uusitalo returned to Finland in 2003 and became a shareholder of the Finnish Outdoor and Skiwear Company Halti. Halti’s international marketing was strongly based on sponsorship within the ski community. Halti has been one of the main sponsors and clothing supplier of several World Championships. 

Since 2014, Uusitalo has been owner and Chairman of Vauhti Oy, the oldest ski waxing company in Finland. Furthermore, Uusitalo serves as Chairman of Ski Sport Finland, the official Association and rights holder of Alpine and Freestyle Skiing in Finland, and as Vice-Chair of the Finnish Ski Association. 

Martti Uusitalo (FIN)
FIS Council Member since 2014