Coop - FIS Title Sponsor Cross-Country

Coop is one of the biggest retailers in Norway, consisting of nine different store chains. Since our humble beginning in 1867, Coop has been built on what we call sharing economy. That means we are owned by our customers, which today counts more than 1,7 million co-owners who every year gets dividend payments from our annual profits. By embracing this notion, sharing, togetherness and celebrating diversity has always been part of our core values.

To support and cheer for cross country skiing comes natural to us. Like our owners, and the general Norwegian, cross country skiing is part of our lives and a fundamental part of Norwegian culture. For generations the sport has brought us together and allowed us to share great experiences. Needless to say, we are passionate about skiing, and we are sure we have all 1,7 million co-owners behind us when we wish every runner in the FIS circus good luck.