Austrian Ski Federation names teams 2018/19

The Austrian Ski Federation has published a list with the members of the different teams for the 2018/19 season, which includes their home World Championships in Seefeld.

The following athletes made the national team:

- Wilhelm Denifl

- Lukas Greiderer

- Bernhard Gruber

- Lukas Klapfer

- Philipp Orter

- David Pommer

- Franz-Josef Rehrl

- Mario Seidl

The A-Team will consist of:

- Florian Dagn

- Bernhard Flaschberger

- Martin Fritz

- Paul Gerstgraser

- Thomas Jöbstl

- Johannes Lamparter

- Dominik Terzer

- Mika Vermeulen

Only one lady, Lisa Hirner, is listed in the C-Team.

For a full list of all teams, see .