Czech teams and coaching changes announced

The Czech Ski Federation has announced their teams for the upcoming winter and while there are not many changes in regards to the athletes, the coaching staff  features a few different faces.

Marek Sablatura is the new head coach for the A-team, while former head coach Vladimir Smid moves into the role of an “experienced assistant coach”. The Junior team was taken over by former athlete Martin Zeman, who ended his career after the past winter. The women’s team will be coached by Patrik Chlum.

The situation of the Czech teams is complicated by the impending closure of the ski complex in Harrachov, which is essential for the training process in wintertime, especially for the younger athletes. “Every year without the Harrachov jumping hill will be tragic in terms of the development of ski jumping and Nordic Combined, so it is now urgent to take the necessary steps to start the promised reconstruction of the entire area” can be read on the team’s facebook page.

The A-team is currently undergoing a month of fitness and endurance training with a skiing block in Breitenberg and a 10-day fitness block in Harrachov and they have just completed a first jumping session on the smaller hill in Liberec. The junior team has just returned from a jumping camp in Szczyrk and will spend the summer preparation in the Czech Republic, same as the women’s team.


- Lukas Danek

- Miroslav Dvorak

- Ondrej Pazout

- Tomas Portyk

- Jan Vytrval

- David Zemek

Junior Team

- Matej Cejchan

- Lukas Kohlberger

- Ondrej Salaba

- Petr Sablatura

Women’s Team

- Jana Mrakotova

- Simona Weinlichova

Servicemen: V. Sedlacek, P. Lampa, M. Kopal

Physiotherapist / Fitness coach: V. Vencalek

Mental Coach: M. Necas