Franz-Josef Rehrl wins PCR in Villach

Franz-Josef Rehrl is in great jumping shape and does no sign of stopping. The Austrian won the Provisional Competition Round in Villach today with a jump of 96 metres (120.2 p.) and would have 39 seconds of head start if the PCR has to be used tomorrow in case of adverse weather conditions. 

Teammate Mario Seidl took the second place with 90.5 metres (110.4 p.), followed by Finland’s Ilkka Herola who had landed at 87 metres (103.9 p.). He would start his race one minute and five seconds after Rehrl if the PCR would be used. 

After this bigger gap, the athletes were ranked closer to each other with Tomas Portyk (CZE), Francois Braud and Maxime Laheurte (both FRA) starting at one minute and seven, 11 and 12 seconds, followed by Fabian Rießle and young teammate Julian Schmid ten second later. 

Local hero Philipp Orter delighted the fans with a ninth intermediate position and Lukas Greiderer and David Pommer shared rank ten (+1:24). Together with Martin Fritz on rank 12, there were six Austrians in the Top 15, underlining clear ambitions of the home team for the following competition.

Falun 2015 World Champion Bernhard Gruber returned to competing in Villach but did not hit his best jump yet: 79 metres only meant the 27th position for the Austrian veteran. Oberwiesenthal winner Johannes Rydzek was also not showing his entire potential with a jump of 81.5 metres and position 23 (+2:05).

PCR Results