Frenzel changes back to childhood club SSV Geyer

Nordic Combined legend Eric Frenzel had big news that he announced in a kickoff press conference for the Nordic Combined Summer Grand Prix 2018 in Oberwiesenthal yesterday: the 29-year-old who sported the WSC Erzgebirge Oberwiesenthal on the start lists until now changed back to his home and childhood club SSV Geyer.

“It is my goal to continue at least until the next Olympic Games in Beijing in 2022 and in this time, I’d like to carry the SSV Geyer into the world. My heart beats for my home and the club gave me so much, so that I’d like to give a little bit back.” The idea for this change in his athlete record came when Frenzel was awarded honorary citizenship of his hometown Geyer. This change does not come as a club change in general, as the Nordic Combined legend was awarded honorary membership of the WSC Erzgebirge Oberwiesenthal at announcement press conference.

“We have a great partnership with the WSC Erzgebirge Oberwiesental”, says SSV Geyer president Jens Anders. “Eric did not make a decision against anybody but for both clubs.”