German Ski Federation announced teams 2018/19

The German Ski Federation has published their lists with teams, training groups and staff for the upcoming season.

The training group Ia will consist of the following athletes:

- Eric Frenzel

- Vinzenz Geiger

- Fabian Rießle

- Johannes Rydzek

- Manuel Faißt

- Jakob Lange

- Terence Weber

Herman Weinbuch remains in charge as head coach and the A-team will be looked after by the trusted coaching team of Ronny Ackermann and Kai Bracht. Chief technician Ralph Schmid will be joined by Ralf Adloff, Michael Schwaiger and Janis Morweiser on the service team. Claudio Tielmann will be the responsible physiotherapist.

The training group Ib includes the following athletes:

- Martin Hahn

- Maximilian Pfordte

- Anton Schlütter

- Constantin Schnurr

- David Welde

- Justin Moczarski

- Jonas Welde

- Simon Hüttel

- Tim Kopp

- Luis Lehnert

- Julian Schmid

The coaching team for the training group Ib is new: Former Swiss coach Constantin Kreiselmeyer will be the leading coach of the group and is joined by German Nordic Combined veteran Björn Kircheisen, who just ended his active career after this season. Nico Reichenberger completes the coaching staff of the B-Team. Roland Schmidt will be the technician in charge of this group.

Sepp Buchner will remain in charge as head coach for the junior athletes and Klaus Edelmann has been appointed as discipline coach for ladies.