German squad for final home World Cup nominated

The German Ski Federation has nominated their participants for the last World Cup of the season in Schonach and will go into the final battle for the Nations Cup with the following athletes.

- Manuel Faißt

- Eric Frenzel 

- Vinzenz Geiger 

- Björn Kircheisen 

- Fabian Rießle 

- Johannes Rydzek 

- Anton Schlütter 

- Tobias Simon 

- Terence Weber 

- David Welde 

Hermann Weinbuch: Two weeks ago, we were training Norway in the Nations Cup with 400 points. Since Klingenthal, we have taken the lead for the first time. We were able to really step it up there. It would be nice for the team if everybody was able to slip into a yellow bib at the end of the season at our home World Cup, with the home crowd. It helps with the team spirit in the preparation for next season.

On top, Fabian has the chance to take the second place in the overall World Cup. This is also not something that we thought could happen two weeks ago. The athletes are still pretty strong on the physical side but mentally, it is getting tough now. Many are quite tired, so that we have to see from day to day. I hope that they will be able to mobilise all their reserves for the personal and collective goals. The loud audience in the Schwarzwald usually helps at lot with this."