Kombinertlandslaget and other Norwegian teams nominated

Five athletes have been nominated to the Norwegian national team for the next winter:

- Jørgen Graabak

- Jan Schmid

- Espen Andersen

- Jarl Magnus Riiber

- Magnus Krog

In addition, the following three young athletes will have “intern” status on the team:

- Jens Lurås Oftebro

- Einar Lurås Oftebro

- Espen Dahlhaug Bjørnstad

Ivar Stuan will remain as Sports Director and Kristian Hammer and Peder Sandell return as head and assistant coaches. 

Stuan: “All five national team athletes are medal candidates for Seefeld 2019. Even if we have to work with tight budgets, we are ready to fight for top results in the World Cup and medals in Seefeld in February. The goal is to keep the throne as best Nordic Combined nation in the world but in this winter, it will also be 20 years since we’ve had the last individual World Champion. We are also getting close to a complete generation shift in the team, which will be a reality from the next season on. This is why we have nominated three promising “interns”, who will be with the national team on selected camps.”

Håvard Klemetsen remains in charge of “Team Beijing”, which has the goal to develop as many young B-team and junior team athletes as possible into international top stars.

Members of “Team Beijing” are:

- Andreas Skoglund

- Simen Kvarstad

- Kasper Moen Flatla

- Lars Ivar Skarset

- Leif Torbjørn Næsvold

- Harald Riiber

The B-team is comprised of the following athletes:

- Lars Ivar Skårset

- Leif Torbjørn Næsvold

- Harald Riiber

- Sindre Ure Søtvik

- Simen Tiller

- Truls Johansen