Ladies in the Spotlight: Dayana Akhmetvaliyeva (KAZ)

In a last “Ladies in the Spotlight” before the Summer Grand Prix gets into action, we will cast a closer look on Kazakh phenom Dayana Akhmetvaliyeva, who tackles Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined at the current stage. Representing her country in ski jumping at the Universiade on home ground in Almaty in 2017 and at the World Ski Championships in Lahti, she was also part of the Nordic Combined Continental Cup finals in Nizhny Tagil this year.

You will be one of the athletes taking part in the first-ever ladies’ Summer Grand Prix in Nordic Combined in Oberwiesenthal next week. Are you already looking forward to the event already?

Dayana Akhmetvaliyeva: Yes, I'm already really nervous but I'm glad that I'm taking part in this event! (laughs)

You started out as a Ski Jumper but have also competed in the Continental Cup Nordic Combined in Nizhny Tagil. What do you like about Nordic Combined specifically?

Dayana Akhmetvaliyeva: I like Nordic Combined, because it is very versatile and offers totally different thrills. You can get the maximum adrenaline during the ski jumping portion and a lot of emotional up and down in the skiing part.

What are your goals for the upcoming winter with many Ladies’ Continental Cups taking place and a lot more competition activity for the Nordic Combined Ladies?

Akhmetvaliyeva: My goals for the upcoming winter are more on the general side of things. I want to get more experience, improve my technique and learn from facing off with my competitors, to also learn from their experience.

Which venue do you like to compete at most?

Akhmetvaliyeva: I really liked Lahti, but at home, in Almaty, of course, is best.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Akhmetvaliyeva: I like reading books, cycling. In my free time, I try to walk more and do self-development.