Ladies in the Spotlight: Jenny Nowak (GER)

The second woman out in our spring weekly series is Germany’s Jenny Nowak, who is no stranger to the podium places of the FIS Youth Cup and also a serial Nordic Combined ladies Alpencup winner. Get to know her a little better with “Ladies in the Spotlight”.

How did you get involved in Nordic Combined? When did you start with it?

Jenny Nowak: I started with Nordic Combined in 2009. One of my mother’s colleagues recommended the club SC Sohland to us as you can do cross-country skiing and Nordic Combined there. Actually I had in mind to do just cross-country skiing but my coach immediately asked if I also wanted to jump as well and of course I said yes. And stuck with it until today!

Why did you settle on Nordic Combined as your discipline? What do you like most about this sport?

Nowak: I like best that you can also have a weaker jump and still have the change to improve in the cross-country part.

Do you have a favourite venue to compete at?

Nowak: Not particularly but I liked Rena a lot and Kandersteg as well. But of course it’s very nice to have events in Klingenthal as it is my home base for now.

Are there any other athletes who inspire you?

Nowak: Eric Frenzel inspires me a lot. He does not give up, not ever, even if it s not going so well sometimes. And he’s generally a very nice guy.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Nowak: I like to do sports. I have training every day from Monday till Friday and I enjoy it immensely. If I don’t have training, I like to be outdoors and move a bit, for example riding a bike or playing football with friends.

You won the Junior World Championship test event in Kandersteg last winter, a big success for you? What are your goals for the first “real” Junior World Championship event coming up in the future?

Nowak: Yes, it way my biggest success so far. For the next season I would like to keep my performances up in the COC and also maybe to win sometime. My biggest goal, however, is to win the first official Junior World Champion title for ladies in Nordic Combined.