Ladies in the Spotlight: Lisa Hirner (AUT)

Lisa Hirner is a 14-year-old Nordic Combined hopeful who has made a name for herself in the FIS Youth Cup and Alpen Cup series in the past two years. Lisa claimed podium results in nearly all her starts and came in fourth at the Ladies’ Nordic Combined test event at the Junior World Championships in Kandersteg (SUI) in the last winter. High-time to get to know her better before the next big Ladies’ Nordic Combined season starts. 

When and how did you get started with Nordic Combined?

Lisa Hirner: I have wanted to be a ski jumper from when I was a little girl and finally started to jump four years ago. Actually, I wanted to focus on jumping only but everybody in my training group was doing Nordic Combined, so I also started skiing.

Why Nordic Combined? What do you like best about this sport?

Hirner: In the course of my four years doing it, I discovered the beauty of cross-country skiing. I have always loved jumping. The feeling to be in the air is just incredible and in the cross-country part, I can test and push my boundaries.

Do you have a favourite competition venue?

Hirner: I have perfect training conditions in Eisenerz. Having competitions at home is always special but my all-time favourite place to compete is Seefeld.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Hirner: I like climbing, play football and do horse riding. In winter, obviously I love to ski and go on ski tours.

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

Hirner: I’d like to achieve a top 5 rank at the Junior World Championships in Lahti next winter. In the Youth Cups, I am aiming for the podium. It would also be amazing to take part in a Continental Cup.