Ladies in the Spotlight: Pinja Koivisto (FIN)

15-year-old Pinja Koivisto from Finland has not graced the Continental Cup events last year but has discovered the international flair of different FIS Youth Cup events. In this edition of “Ladies in the Spotlight”, she talks about the Junior World Championship premiere in her own country, what she likes to do next to Nordic Combined and how Oberstdorf is one of her favourite places.

How did you get involved in Nordic Combined? What do you like most about this sport?

Pinja Koivisto: I have been skiing since I was very little girl. I was seven years old when I first did ski jumping because my friend did it too. So that's how I get interested in Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined. I have always thought that Nordic Combined suits me better.  I like this sport because it is so many-sided and you must have a certain kind of courage. Of course I like flying, too and do long skiing training. 

The FIS NC Committee, Congress and Council made some pretty cool decisions for the future: a first JWSC title event next year and a World Championship event in 2021 plus a pretty big COC calendar for next winter? How do you feel about these developments?

Koivisto: It is so good that Nordic Combined girls have these competitions now, too. I would like to be in the first Junior World Championships because the competition has its premiere in Lahti, in my home country of Finland. And it is nice that girls have more Nordic Combined competitions abroad. 

What are your goals in Nordic Combined in general and for the upcoming season in particular?

Koivisto: My goal for next season is to be on the Finnish team for the Junior World Championships. It would also be nice to compete in some Continental Cup competitions. I have jumped only few times in a HS100 so far. So, I must train hard, get my jumping on a better level and train more in the bigger hills. 

I think that will be possible in Vuokatti where I am going to study next season. There are also better skiing conditions than where I live now, in Kauhava.

Which venue do you like to compete at most?

Koivisto: When I was eleven years old I competed in Oberstdorf  in the FIS Youth Cup. That was really great. I hope to get there this year, too. In Finland, I like hills in Vuokatti. 

Who are your role models / which other athletes do inspire you?

Koivisto: I don't have any particular role model but I like to follow how the Finnish Nordic Combined athletes (like Eero Hirvonen, who did well last season) are doing. When they are successful, it motivates me, too. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Koivisto: In my spare time I like to run and compete in athletics. I go to track and field training twice a week. It is good training for Nordic Combined too. I played piano but I don't have time to do it anymore. I also like to spend time with my friends and my older sister and younger brother.