Ladies in the Spotlight: Veronica Gianmoena (ITA)

With a lot of her family involved in Nordic Combined, it is no miracle that Italy’s Veronica Gianmoena is part of the new generation of women who enter the ranks of Nordic Skiing’s most traditional discipline. Get to know her a little better in this edition of “Ladies in the Spotlight”.

How did you get involved in Nordic Combined? What do you like most about this sport? 

Veronica Gianmoena: When I was 10 years old, my cross-country trainer asked me if I wanted to try this discipline. As I’m a very curious person, I accepted immediately. When I entered the national team, unfortunately I had to concentrate only on ski jumping because Nordic Combined was not recognised as an International discipline for the Ladies. 

I like the fact the there are two sports in one and therefore the training is more diversified. Also because in ski jumping the competition is decided within few seconds and there are a lot of external factors that influence the performance. In Nordic Combined there’s the cross-country part where you can still influence the outcome, even if the jump was not that good.

The FIS Nordic Combined Committee, Congress and Council made some pretty cool decisions for the future: a first JWSC title event next year and a World Championship event in 2021 plus a pretty big COC calendar for next winter? How do you feel about these developments? 

Gianmoena: I’m really happy. This means that FIS has a lot of trust in Nordic Combined Ladies’ future and I think this can help the development of Nordic Combined to have more appeal and create more interest.

What are your goals in Nordic Combined in general and for the upcoming season in particular? 

Gianmoena: I would like to be one of the most popular Nordic Combined Lady in the world and a of the pioneer of this discipline. For the upcoming season I want to be on the podium and not like this year always fourth and fifth. 

Which venue do you like to compete at most? 

Gianmona: Both the venues where we competed last winter were amazing. Rena was great because of the hill which I like particularly, in Nizhny Tagil there was a fantastic atmosphere. I have met so many people and all of them were so kind and friendly. 

Who are your role models / which other athletes do inspire you most? 

Gianmoena: My role model is Akito Watabe. I admire him because he is modest, serious, fair and he is always smiling. In ski jumping I admire Thomas Morgenstern and in cross-country Marit Bjoergen.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Gianmoena: In my spare time, which is not so much because I do two training sessions a day, first of all I have to study for university. Then I like reading and listening music because I need to stay alone with myself as well. Sometimes I do other sports like swimming, hiking, canyoning or kayak.

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