Polish athletes for 2018/19 published

The Polish Ski Association has named the following athletes, coaches and staff to the different teams for the season 2018/19.


Adam Cieślar

Paweł Słowiok

Szczepan Kupczak

Paweł Twardosz

Wojciech Marusarz 

Coach: Danny Winkelmann, Assistant Coaches: Robert Mateja, Piotr Sliwka

Physiotherapist: Daniel Hankus

Additional staff: Jan Szturc, Coach, Stanislaw Ptak - doctor

Junior Team

Andrzej Szczechowicz 

Mateusz Jarosz 

Maciej Zborowski 

Maciej Korzeniowski 

Piotr Kudzia  

Mateusz Małyjurek 

Coach: Tomasz Pochwala, Tomislav Tajner

Service staff: Wiktor Kubinski

The Board of PZN decided that Robert Mateja will be the new assistant to Danny Winkelmann, whose main task will be to raise the sports level in the jumping part of Nordic Combined. The coaches will operate in close cooperation with the National Team in ski jumping. The PZN Board counts on quick progress of the best athletes in the jumping part. For the Paweł Twardosz and Wojciech Marusarz, certain objectives  have to be met. Should these goals not be achieved, the arthletes can be removed from the team.

The situation among the juniors is very good. PZN's management counts on the fact that the competitors of this group, led by coaches Tomasz Pochwała and Tomisław Tajner, will achieve a good international level in their age categories.