“I’m proud that the old guy can still ski fast!”

After a disappointing season 2017/18, Norwegian veteran Magnus Moan does not think about hanging up his skis just yet. With TUESDAY TALK, the 34-year-old looks back on a troubled winter, set his sights on new goals and explains what keeps his fire burning.

You just had to undergo surgery on your heel. Why was it necessary and will your spring and summer training look differently due to the surgery?

Magnus Moan: That’s right, I had to get surgery on my left foot. I have been struggling with my achilles tendon and with and exostosis close to my heel for a long while now. It was time to get it fixed because it inhibits me during the summer half of the season. The goal is to be back on track during the summer.

While many veterans and athletes you competed together with for a long time retired after this season, you are not done with Nordic Combined yet. What keeps your fire burning?

Moan: First of all, all of the ones who decided to retire were great athletes and I am really going to miss them. But in life, there is a time for everything. 

I personally always had the World Championships in Seefeld in my mind as a goal and I strive to get some good results there. The World Champs at one of our biggest Nordic Combined venues are going to be spectacular and I am sure we will have a great audience, especially also for Nordic Combined, as well.

What are you especially looking forward to in the 2018/19 season?

Moan: That can be summed up in one word: Seefeld!

The past winter was a rather difficult one for you. What are the things you want to work on most for next year?

Moan: Yep, tell me about it! I had maybe one of my best pre-seasons ever and I was hoping for some better results, for sure. I was close at the start of the season but with some controversial, bad experiences it became harder and harder to step it up as the confidence was gone.

Given the not satisfactory results, you even considered to end the season early. In the end, you came to Schonach and contributed to your team winning the Nations Cup. How important was this shared success at the end of the season for you?

Moan: That’s right, actually I was done after Trondheim but when they called and asked if I wanna compete in Schonach and help the team I could not say no. It was a good feeling to really do it and win the Nations Cup in the end. (smiles)

For the first time, we had special bibs and prize money for the best jumper and best skier of the World Cup. As one of the fast skiers on the tour, was this bib a special motivation for you at times?

Moan: Yes, it was a great measure. The bibs make sure that all of the athletes have something extra and strive for. I had the red bib at one time and it was really fun. I’m proud that the old guy still can ski fast. (laughs)