Streak of bad luck for Czech Nordic Combined team

Since the beginning of May, the Czech athletes have had a fitness camp in Liberec and Harrachov, as well as ski jumping in Breitenberg, Eisenerz and Ještěd. They have just now finished a 16-day camp in Seefeld, which will be the venue for the World Classics Championship next year.

"We had three jumping days at Stams, followed by cross-country training and finally we went back to the jumping hill. Of course, we wanted to get to know the venue where the world championship will take place but we were surprised that the cross-country skiing tracks in Seefeld are currently being dug out. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives in the region, " says head coach Marek Šablatura.

Injury period for the team

However, the excavated asphalt roads are by no means the main problem the coach has to deal with. From the beginning of the preparation, it seemed as if the team has been stuck with a number of misfortunes. A month ago, this year's junior world champion Ondřej Pažout fell and sustained a complicated fracture of the collar bone. On June 1, he underwent surgery. 

Lukáš Daněk stretched his thigh muscle and the only junior in team, David Zemek, began having trouble with his knee.

"The start of the preparation did not work out completely according to my imagination. Only Miroslav Dvořák and Jan Vytrval were able to train all the time. On the 10th of July, the stitches will be taken out for Ondrej Pažout and he will then begin alternative treatment and rehabilitation. We will provide him with training in the alpine environment of Livigno to compensate the lack of endurance training. 

“After the season, Tomas Portyk's knee also began to hurt. He has undergone magnetic resonance therapy and hopefully the leg will be fine. I just hope that there will be no more health problems and that we will be getting ready to do the work, "says Marek Šablatura.

Upon returning from Seefeld, the athletes are now having a holiday period. Another training camp is scheduled to take place on July 16, and two days later they will travel to Oberstdorf. After that, they set out to prepare for Oberhof, where they also try the famous ski tunnel.