Yoshito Watabe wins rainy PCR in Oberstdorf

After the second training round had to be cancelled due to approaching thunderstorms, the Nordic Combined athletes had to contend in a quite rainy PCR. With 133.5 m, the Japanese beat out older brother Akito, who had 127.5 metres to show for. 24 seconds would separate the siblings if the PCR has to be used during the weekend.

Mario Seidl confirmed his good shape on rank three (128.5 m, 145.6 p.; +0:30) and was followed by teammate Franz-Josef Rehrl, who did not show his best jump today (126 m; 143.4 p.). Also starting within an one-minute-margin from Watabe were yesterday’s winner Ilkka Herola (+0:46),  Eric Frenzel (+0:48) and Poland’s Szczepan Kupczak, who returned to competing with 134.5 metres (140.3 p.), the longest jump of the day. He was rewarded with position seven and a delay of 52 seconds. 

Local hero and Summer Grand Prix leader Johannes Rydzek jumped 116 metres and 128.3 points gave him a start delay of one minute and 40 seconds. His fellow resident of Oberstdorf, Vinzenz Geiger, landed at 118 metres (126.3 p) and would start eight seconds after Rydzek.

PCR Results