Braud convices at Samse summer tour event in Arcon

Francois Braud showed a convincing performance at the Samse summer tour national Nordic Combined event that took place in the framework of the Biathlon summer tour in Arcon on the past weekend.  

After a very early jumping event on the jumping hill in Chaux-Neuve, the athletes had the chance to roller ski in the Florence Baverel stadium in Arcon, enjoying a large crowd of spectators in the process. 

The winner of the jumping part, Maxime Laheurte was quickly overtaken  by Laurent Muhlethaler and François Braud who skied together for a lap and a half before Braud decided to take the race in hand and upped the pressure to fly to the victory in this round of the Samse national tour.

Behind the Haut-Savoyard, another athlete had beautiful recovery: Antoine Gerard showed a good performance on the roller despite a back which is still a little painful after his fall on the jumping hill this summer. Gerard skier from rank six on the hill to a strong second place.

His neighbour on the massif, Lilian Vaxelaire also had a great day and entered podium of the day on rank three, turning a fifth place to the bronze rank. 

Maxime Laheurte fell back to the fourth position and Edgar Vallet and Laurent Muhlethaler captured positions five and six.

After this round of the national events, the men of Fred Baud will return to the international competitions at the Summer Grand Prix finals in Planica next week.

Final Results

Reporting by Nordic Magazine

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