Ilves & Hausenberg 2018 Estonian summer national champions
Kristjan Ilves is Estonian summer champion 2018

Kristjan Ilves and Triinu Hausenberg have taken the Estonian summer national titles in Otepää on the past weekend. While Hausenberg beat younger teammate Carena Roomets to the title, the silver and bronze ranks in the men’s event went to Andreas Ilves and Karl-August Tiirmaa. 

The competition was held in the Mass Start format with a 3 km running race for the ladies and a 5 km event for the men. Afterwards, all athletes took one jump from Otepää’s K-90 normal hill. 

Carena Roomets finished her race in a time of 17:23, beating Hausenberg soundly by two minutes and 14 seconds. On the jumping hill, however, Hausenberg turned the tables and prevailed with 71 metres, beating Roomets’s 43 metres easily. In the end, Hausenberg claimed the title 6.2 points ahead of Roomets.

On the men’s side, Kristjan Ilves was the fastest runner and needed 21 minutes and 58 seconds for the 5 km distance. His brother Andreas finished second, needing 24:10 for the same distance, followed by Karl-August Tiirmaa at 24:44. 

In the final jumping event, Kristjan Ilves asserted his dominance with a 95.5 metre jump, putting him on the top of the list with 125 points total. After showing 86.5 metres, Andreas Ilves defended his position with a final score of 70 points, four points ahead of Tiirmaa, who had 88.5 metres to show for on the hill. Rank four went to special ski jumper Martti Nomme, Robert Lee was fifth, Markkus Alter sixth.

Final Results
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