Tim Hug takes Swiss national title

As the only Swiss Nordic Combined athlete on World Cup level, Tim Hug dominated the Swiss national championships 2018 held in Kanderstag. Four athletes participated. 

Hug jumped to a head start of 36 seconds on jumping runner-up Pascal Müller after accumulating 114.0 points on Kandersteg’s HS hill. Müller was second with 105 points, Mario Anderegg followed with 98.5 and Nico Zarucchi with 55 points, which translated into time behinds of one minute and two seconds and three minutes and 56 seconds respectively.

In the race, Hug was also the fastest athlete by far, setting a time of 22:07.2 for the 6 km cross run. Mario Anderegg turned the tables on Pascal Müller on the track and claimed the second place with a time behind of two minutes and 52 seconds. Müller finished 4:00.9 after Hug and Zarucchi reached the finish seven minutes and 34 seconds after the serial Swiss champion.