Tomas Portyk wins fourth consecutive summer title

Tomas Portyk dominated the summer Czech Championship and won his fourth national title in Liberec. In the two-day championship, he successfully started his campaign for the title on the HS100 hill in Ještěd, and then defended the leading position on the course of 10 km on the skiing in Vesec. 

25-year-old Portyk showed the longest jump in the ski jumping part  He landed at the 92m mark, which gave him a lead of twenty seconds on Lukas Danek, who managed to reach a distance of 90.5m. The third position was shared by Miroslav Dvorak with 85.5m Jan Vytrval with 86 m but both had with a considerable handicap of 1:06 min at the start of the race. The second longest jump was shown by 17-year-old Petr Šablatura with 91.5 m, but the juniors jumped from six gates higher compared to the men.

Dvorak, Vytrval and best junior David Zemek did not start the cross-country race, because after returning from the Summer Grand Prix, they had a hard training period. 

Tomas Portyk had a way his way paved to the title but in his current shape he would probably also not have found an equal opponent in Vesec if every athlete had been on start. Portyk kept his lead with ease and increased his distance to Lukas Danek. In the absence of the other athletes, Petr Šablatura claimed the third place in final result.

The championship was not attended by junior world champion Ondrej Pazout, who on underwent surgery on the 26 September, in which the reinforcement wires were removed from his shoulder from his spring injury and his doctors ordered a ten-day rest.

At the beginning of October, the Czech team has planned a training camp in Oberhof (GER), where they will have a three-day jump training, and then they will move to to Klingenthal. 

After five days of preparation at home, one part of the team will head to Norway (Dvorak, Pazout, Vytrval), a second (Portyk, Daněk, Zemek) to Oberhof. Upon return, the representatives will go to Innsbruck for two days and then to Ruka, where they have a common training program with the elite Finnish Nordic Combined team.

Final Results