World Cup start in Ruka: challenge accepted!
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The Viessmann FIS Nordic Combined World Cup season 2018/19 starts with the customary Nordic Opening in Ruka, the event on the polar circle taking the pole position on the Nordic Combined calendar since 2002. 

With the biggest jumping hill on the tour and wind conditions that can become notoriously difficult (as the 2016 blowout of the weekend can attest to) and a hard cross-country track, the season start with a high level of difficulty for the ultimate winter athletes.

Unsurprisingly, the best athletes in the field the mastered the Ruka challenge best. A glance at result list of the past shows many “repeat offenders”: Germany’s Ronny Ackermann leads the list with winning five times, both Finnish hero Hannu Manninen and French legend Jason Lamy Chappuis claimed  victory four times and also current reigning World and Olympic Champion Johannes Rydzek (GER) stepped on the top step of the podium four times already. Good chances for last years’ fellow winners Espen Andersen (NOR) and overall World Cup winner Akito Watabe (JPN) to start their own victory series. 

On the second day of the weekend, a Team Event will get athletes into team and World Championship spirit already: it is the only chance to gain experience with the format before medals will be handed out to the best teams of Nordic Combined in Seefeld in February.

While the organisers had to struggle with warm temperatures and missing snowfalls leading up to the event, the hill and tracks have been prepared with artificial snow and are ready for action. Let’s get the 2018/19 show on the road!

(local time = CET +1h)

Friday, 23.11.

11:00 Official training cross-country
14:00 Official training HS 142
16:00 Provisional Competition Round/Qualification

Saturday, 24.11.

11:00 Trial Round HS 142
12:00 INDIVIDUAL GUNDERSEN Competition Round HS 142 
16:00 INDIVIDUAL GUNDERSEN 10 km cross-country race

Sunday, 25.11. 

09:45 Trial Round HS 142
10:45 TEAM EVENT Competition Round HS 142
16:00 TEAM EVENT 4x 5 km cross-country race

The programme may be subject to change!

Track maps

Track map
Team Event stadium setup
Individual Gundersen stadium setup