Yahin and Nadymova took Russian summer titles
Ernest Yahin wins big at Russian nationals

After the stage of the Ski Jumping Summer Grand Prix, now the Russian Nordic Combined skiers had a big weekend in Chaikovskiy. True to their role as team leaders, Ernest Yahin and Stefaniya Nadymova took the titles of national champions.  

On Friday, both men and women competed on the normal hill and then men had 10 km roller-skiing race, while ladies' distance was 5 km. 

Strong wind had blown since the Ski Jumping SGP weekend. However, it was possible to hold the competitions because athletes used the normal hill, which is less prone to wind influence. Still, all participants received big amounts of wind compensation and many left disappointed. 

Alexander Pashaev from Saint-Petersburg won the Ski Jumping part. Even though Ernest Yahin showed 101,5 meters, 9,5 meters further than Pashaev, he started the race 9 seconds because of a big amount of bignegative wind compensatio points. TimofeyBorisovclosed the top three, trailing leader by 24 seconds. 

Not only did Ernest Yahin catch up with Alexander Pashaev on the track but reache the finish line with a solid advantage of 21,7 seconds. Alexander Pashaev finished second, Samir Mastiev was the fastest skier of the race and won the bronze medal. Vitaliy Ivanov, Konstantin Abramov and Viacheslav Barkov completed the top six. 

Niyaz Nabeev was very disappointed after the competitions. He showed the longest distance of 106,5 meters and would have won the first part of the start but he was disqualified in the equipment control. 

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Ski Jumping Results

On the ladies’ side, Stefaniya Nadymova won competitions without difficulties. With a jump of 95 metres, she was the leader on the hill. Alexandra Glazunova was in second position but lost more than 1 minute on Nadymova. Olga Aristova completed the intermediate the top three.

The race was easy for Nadymova and, of course, she was the first on the finish line with a very big advantage. Anastasiya Goncharova ended the ski jumping part only on the seventh place but thanks to her very high speed on roller skis, she climbed up the second place. Alexandra Glazunova finished in third. Svetlana Gladikova, Olga Aristova and Anna Alexandrova completed the top six. 

Final Results
Ski Jumping Results

A week before, Nadymova had performed at the stage of the Ski Jumping Grand Prix in Chaikovskiy and now she can compare these two sports: "Well, yes, there is a difference between special Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined. In Nordic Combined, the start gates are much higher and we get higher speed. Here I feel a great responsibility. Sure, it is possible to participate in both disciplines, but if you want to be at the level of special jumpers you need to have a different kind of preparation. The only thing I liked in special jumping was that the competitions held on the large hill. It gave me a great sense of flight", Nadymova said. 

On Sunday, the men competed on the large hill. In the first version of the program the second start should consist of one jump and 7,5 km running, but on Friday, jury made the decision to change to the usual 10 km Gundersen roller-skiing race. Niyaz Nabeev had solved equipment problem and could jump today. He ended the jumping competition in the pole position and with a head start of 16 seconds after a 128 metre jump. Runner-up Ernest Yahin showed 126 meters and Alexandr Milanin had 47 seconds to make up in the following roller-skiing race.

Although Samir Mastiev was the fastest in the roller-skiing race again and tried hard to win the competition, he still wasn’t able to catch up with Ernest Yahin. In the end only 16,7 seconds separated the two athletes. This gold medal of the National Championships became the 20th in Yahin's collection. Alexandr Pashaev with the bronze rank claimed a spot on the podium again and lost to the leader by 46,1 seconds. Vitaliy Ivanov, Viacheslav Barkov and Konstantin Abramov finished among the top six, too. The leader of the jumping part Niyaz Nabeev was sick recently and didn't train hard, that's why he couldn't do his best in the race and ended competitions only on the 8th place. 

Final Results
Ski Jumping Results
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