Akito Watabe flies to PCR win in Tschagguns

Akito Watabe was the man to beat in the Provisional Competition Round held in Tschagguns on Tuesday evening. 102 metres gave the Japanese 134.4 points - the best jump in changing conditions. Summer Grand Prix leader Mario Seidl followed with 104.5 metres and 131.7 points while Estonian Kristjan Ilves entered the top three positions with 101 metres and 130.5 points.

Other athletes who crossed the 100-metre mark on Tschagguns’s HS 108 hill were Martin Fritz (101 m, 130.1 p.), Fabian Rießle (100 m, 129.3 p.), Ilkka Herola (102 m, 128.7 p.), Taihei Kato (103.5 m, 127.1 p.), Eric Frenzel (101.5 m, 126 p.) and Takehiro Watanabe (102 m, 125.8 p.).

Italy’s Alessandro Pittin and Samuel Costa also joined the Summer Grand Prix in Montafon and while Pittin had a good try which put him in the 19th position, Costa is still struggling with his knee injury and achieved only position 39. 

Final Results