Austrian team works on basic endurance at the Kalterer See

The Austrian national team is currently on a week-long training camp at the Kalterer See to load up on basic endurance for the upcoming Olympic season. Every day, the athletes have sports in the morning, a long endurance training unit and other activities at the lake on their schedule.

Philipp Orter explains: “We are doing quite some long training units right now, on the bike, on ski rollers or long mountain tours. Next to that we are running around the lake or some laps on the lake, doing stand up paddling - like that you train you balance at the same time. And of course, the well-deserved ice cream at the legendary “Gretel am See” can’t be missed either.”

Next to Orter, Mario Seidl, Berni Gruber, Lukas Klapfer and Franz-Josef Rehrl are taking part in the camp. David Pommer is also present but partially fractured his hand riding a bike last week and has to take it easy on the bike tours as of now.

Coach Jochen Strobl: “I am having a home advantage as a born South-Tyrolean but my colleague Christoph Bieler knows the area as well as I do. The Nordic Combined athletes used to train here often in the past and we revived this tradition. The athletes are going through a program of up to eight hours per day. It’s important to offer them a varied program.”