David Pommer underwent knee surgery

Austria’s David Pommer, who was continuously troubled with pain in his right knee, especially in the ski jumping part in this season underwent surgery this morning. After extensive examinations, Pommer was diagnosed with a ganglion close to the knee joint which was taken out by ÖSV doctors Dr. Christian Hoser and Dr. Christian Fink in the Privatklinik Hochrum.

“In an MRT, we saw that David had a ganglion close to the knee joint, which pressured the nerve. This was very likely what caused his pain, especially in the ski jumping part. We surgically removed the ganglion today, the surgery went very well. David will have to stay in the hospital for two more days and can resume light ergometer training already in five days. We think that normal jumping training will be possible in six weeks again”, Dr. Christian Hoser said.

David Pommer was relieved to finally know the cause of his troubles: “I have had this pain for a while and I couldn’t compete with it anymore in the end. If your knee is not working in the air during a ski jump, you know that something is quite wrong. Unfortunately, I was never able to pinpoint where the pain came from. It may sound strange but I am very relieved that they found something and that they were able to fix it this quickly. Of course, it’s too early to tell when I will be able to return to competing. Now I will focus on rest and recovery but I am really motivated to start with my rehabilitation training.”


...already missing my xc poles! Last week it was time to make a decission. In the end i knew that i can't compete on the highest level in world cup with a permanent pain in my knee anymore. During the last seasons i was working so hard in physiotherapies and on my own just to get that pain under control but it was smashing me to the ground again and again. Last week i said to myself that this is not what i want! I want to compete, train and live with %!!! So i decided to do a surgery immediately! Right now i can tell that everything went well and i can start with my Reha to be back as soon as possible! It will take some time to come back strong again but for sure i will be back and live my passion - NORDIC COMBINED. #bleiboriginal #makeyourmove #keepsmiling

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