Finals 2018 with Schonach and Klingenthal confirmed

The Nordic Combined World Cup Finals 2018 will be German finals again but in contrast to the past season, the athletes will spend two competition weekends in a row in middle-Europe, giving the German team around superstar Eric Frenzel one more home World Cup.

The German Ski Association gave the final confirmation for the competitions in Klingenthal on the 17./18.03.2018 and Schonach on the 24./25.03.2018, making the season one week longer than in previous years and raising the number of events to a record-breaking 28 plus three Olympic events.

Marcus Stark, Vize-President of the VSC Klingenthal: “We can be very satisfied with this program. We are especially happy to welcome the Nordic Combined athletes in March and to be able to present the newly-minted Olympic Champions 2018.”

“The ski club and the community of Schonach are very excited to be able to host the World Cup finals again,” OC Secretary General Heidi Spitz said. Asked the question if she was worried after this years weather situation that the finals take place even one week later in 2018, she answered “You can never predict the weather. We will create snow depots during the winter again and for this, we hope for many cold days.”

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