French team trains in Courchevel, Austrians in the Montafon

The training activities are increasing and many teams are very busy with their summer preparations. While head coach Jerome Laheurte took his team to the jumps in Courchevel, Christoph Eugen and his squad collected some airtime in Tschagguns.

The French team started their third camp of the new season, their first one back on the jumping hill in Courchevel. Laheurte: “The athletes have already made jumps on the smaller hills. Now we will train on the K90 and then on the large hill from Friday morning. All mornings are filled up with ski jumping sessions: 45-60 minutes of warm up, followed by one and a half hour of ski jumping. We also carried out tests in the wind tunnel. The afternoons are dedicated to physical training: three sessions for flexibility and balance and two sessions of power training of the muscles needed in ski jumping. The main objective is to get a good foundation.”

Next week, some athletes will undertake some sensory tests with Nicolas Coulmy, head of the French Ski Association’s science department before travelling to Oberstdorf for a new training camp from the 26th till the 30th of June.

Meanwhile, the Austrian team spent four days jumping in Tschagguns (Montafon), which will host one Summer Grand Prix event in August. Similar to the French team, the mornings were dedicated to ski jumping, while the afternoons were used for ski roller sessions.