Jarl Riiber returns with PCR victory

After a period of sickness and a long recovery from a shoulder injury and surgery, Jarl Magnus Riiber has joined the World Cup again and he has done so with a victory. 103.5 metres were the only jump over 100 metres and even though the landing was far from perfect, Riiber won the round with 137.5 points and a head start of 32 seconds should the PCR have to be used.

Teammate and Ruka-winner Espen Andersen was second with a jump of 97.5 metres (129.4 points). Japanese jumping sensation Go Yamamoto had another strong result with the third place. 95.5 metres put him in 36 seconds behind the winner from Norway.

Nordic Combined superstar Eric Frenzel returned to some of his old strength on the jumping hill as fifth (96 m; 126.2 p.) and Norwegian national group starters Espen Bjørnstad and Harald Johnas Riiber had a fourth and sixth place to show for with jumps of 95.5 and 94 metres. Francois Braud and Vinzenz Geiger on ranks seven and eight completed the group of athletes who would start within the first minute, should the PCR have to be used. Denifl, Kupczak and Kato would all start at exactly one minute behind the leader in this case.

As the PCR did not act as a qualification due to the Team Event on schedule tomorrow, no athletes were eliminated in this round. Last weekend’s podium athletes Eero Hirvonen and Jan Schmid ranked 18th and 20th (+1:14 and +1:20). Fabian Rießle, who had been eliminated in one of the qualifications in Ruka did much better again with position 24 (+1:27), Johannes Rydzek was 31st (+1:33).

Final Results