Jelenko wins another Slovenian national title

The Slovenian team ended the year 2017 with their Nordic Combined nationals in the junior and senior categories in Kranj and Planica.

Marjan Jelenko took yet another victory, beating junior champion Vid Vrohvnik by seven seconds in the end. Rok Jelen ended up on the third place, one minute and 53 seconds after the leading duo.

The jumping round had put Jelenko in the lead already, holding a 2.6 lead over ski jumper Cene Prevc, who joined the competition as well. Jelenko set the longest jump of the day with 107 metres, Prevc had 105 metres to show for and Vrhovnik started the race from rank three after a jump of 102.5 metres.

On the track, the sixth fastest time was enough for Jelenko to cruise to the victory, while Vrhovnik stepped on the gas and tried to make up his deficit of 38 seconds with the second-fastest time. With his third rank, Rok Jelen was second in the junior ranking, the third place went to Gasper Brecl, who finished the competition on the overall fourth position, +02:09.0 after Jelenko.

Fastest man on skis was Matej Drinovec, who needed 25:51.0 for the 10 km loop. Ski Jumper Prevc tried valiantly on the track as well but a skiing time of 39:53.0 had him go back to the last rank of the 18 starters.

Final Results