Jelenko wins fifth consecutive national summer title

The Summer Grand Prix venue of Planica hosted a last dress rehearsal before the action will begin on the weekend of 29th of September till 1st of October. The Slovenian national summer championships were on schedule and as in the past four years, team leader Marjan Jelenko snatched the title.

Jelenko was last defeated when current head-coach Mitja Oranic won in summer 2012 but this time, Jelenko claimed a tight victory over runner-up Vid Vrhovnik. Six seconds had separated the two athletes at the start of the race after jumps of 105 and 103.5 m, on Kranj’s HS 109 hill, giving Jelenko 122 and Vrhovnik 120.3 points. Interestingly enough, both skied exactly the same time on the 10 km roller ski track in Planica and so Vrhovnik also finished his race 6 seconds later than Jelenko. 

Third-placed Gasper Brecl reached the finish one minute and 16 seconds after Jelenko but edged out Leon Sarc and Rok Juvancic for the remaining spot on the podium.

There was also a separate ranking for the junior athletes under 20 years, which Vrhovnik won ahead of Brecl and Rok Jelen.

Final Results

Final Results U-20