Klemetsen new head coach of "Team Beijing 2022"

Norway’s Håvard Klemetsen, who ended his career after the last season, is back with a new job. As head of the “Team Beijing 2022”, it will be his job to develop talents into world class athletes, who can fight for medals at World Championships and Olympics.

As Klemetsen completed his coaching degree parallel to his career as an athlete, he is now ready for new goals. Together with fellow former athlete Ole Martin Storlien, the 38-year-old will work with the B-team to develop athletes in the long run and bring in new athletes. Storlien will be in charge of the development of equipment together with the national team and travel with the COC team in the winter. Three dedicated training camps are planned for “Team Beijing” through the autumn and until the season start.

“It is our goal to create athletes, who are independent and aware, who have good attitudes and who wish to go to war to fulfil their dreams”, Klemetsen says. “We have been very clear that we will challenge and follow up on each athlete individually with specific focal points.”

Co-coach Storlien adds: “There will be an annual team nomination for Team Beijing, and athletes, who have shown a positive development will be evaluated and join the team.”

The future top athletes will work in their local training centres in Oslo, Lillehammer and Trondheim for their day-to-day training. “Our training centres are doing a phenomenal job and a “bottom-up” system is already in place. It will be my job to work closely with each athlete of the team but also with their local coaches”, Klemetsen finishes.

Team “Beijing 2022”

Harald Riiber, IL Heming 

Truls Johansen, Elverumhopp 

Lars Ivar Skårset, Søre Ål IL 

Espen Bjørnstad, Byaasen Ski Club 

Einar L. Oftebro, IL Jardar 

Simen Tiller, Moelven IL 

Sindre Ure Søtvik, IL Eldar