Nordic Combined Awards go into new season

Three times is a tradition. The Nordic Combined Awards go into their third season and also this year, some athletes can look forward to being honoured for their performances at the end of the season. 

A jury comprised of ten international journalists, who are all experts for the discipline, will judge and cast their vote in different categories. The media representatives come from Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Italy, France, USA, Japan and Spain and work as commentators and experts for different TV stations or written and online media, as well as news agencies.

Categories for which they vote include  “Athlete of the Year”, “Rookie of the Year” and “Moment of the Year”, as well as the newly added “Coach of the Year”. Depending on how the season progresses, there might as well be a “Comeback of the Year” and a consolation prize for the “Unluckiest Athlete of the Year”.

Traditionally, the awards are handed out at the last evening of the season, at Schonach’s Final Party in the Haus des Gastes. The ceremony and party are open to the public.