Pittin, Sieff Italian national champions

Alessandro Pittin has won another national title in Italy, the twelfth of his career. In usual Pittin-fashion, his victory was won on roller-skis. He jumped to the third position on the HS 104 hill in Predazzo (95 m; 105.5 p.). A total time of 24:02.2 led Pittin to the victory on the 10 kilometre-race between the villages of Predazzo and Ziano di Fiemme in Italy’s Val di Fiemme region. 

Armin Bauer ended up on the second place, finishing 37 seconds after Pittin and Frenchman Francois, who was joining the Italian event, finished third. Braud had set the top performance on the jumping hill (100 m; 123.5 p.) but was caught by the two fast Italians on the track.

In the junior category, Mirco Sieff won ahead of Aaron Kostner and Giulio Bezzi.

In an open competition on the women’s side, the victory went to Veronica Gianmoena. After a jump of 85 metres, Gianmoena started her race with a delay of one minute and 18 seconds on jumping winner and World Cup ski jumper Elena Runggaldier (94 m: 110.5 p.) Lena Prinoth held the intermediate third position, three minutes and 18 seconds behind Runggaldier. 

The ladies roller-skied 5 km on the roller-track in Ziano di Fiemme and here, Veronca Gianmoena proved to be unstoppable. The second-fastest time of the day propelled her to the victory. With a total time of 15:12.0, Gianmoena crossed the finish line 25.3 seconds ahead of Runggaldier. Lena Prinoth was the fastest athlete (14:54.4) but was not able to make up for her large time disadvantage. She crossed the finish line one minute and 42 seconds after Gianmoena.