Rydzek defends the German summer title

Johannes Rydzek was able to keep his German summer championship title. The World Champion won the competition in Klingenthal clearly with 27.1 ahead of Eric Frenzel. Jumping winner Tobias Simon battled to rank three, +58.4 behind Rydzek.

Tobias Simon proved unbeatable in competition round the Vogtlandarena. 129 metres and 136.7 points gave him a narrow 2-second-lead on Manuel Faißt (128.5 m; 136.3 p.). Rydzek, however, had a fantastic starting position for the race with rank three and only eight seconds to make up on the leader. Rival Eric Frenzel held rank four, only three seconds behind Rydzek. Björn Kircheisen and Vinzenz Geiger started their races 29 seconds behind Tobias Simon.

Rydzek was the fastest skier on the 10 km roller-ski track around the Voglandarena in Klingenthal and therefore, it was not surprising that he won the race with a time of 23:04.8 in the end. Frenzel needed 23:28.9 for the same distance and had to be satisfied with rank two. Tobias Simon skied a strong race and was able to keep Geiger and fellow youngster Terence Weber off his back to capture the last remaining podium spot. 

Final Results

Ski Jumping Results

One day later, the Team Sprint was the last item on the German Championship agenda.

In the Team Sprint, the duo of Eric Frenzel and Björn Kircheisen took the victory. Conquering the pole position in the jumping round with 133 and 135 metres and a total of 273 points, the Saxon team Frenzel/Kircheisen took a head start of nine seconds on the duo of Faißt/Rießle. The fastest skiers, the Bavarian team Rydzek/Geiger were fifth and had 26 seconds to make up.

In the race, the were the fastest team with 34:12.0 but were ultimately not able to gain more than five seconds on Frenzel/Kircheisen. In the end, 21.3 seconds separated the winners from the runners-up. The third place went to Manuel Faißt and Fabian Rießle, +1:15.9 behind the winners.

Final Results