Team Austria trains in Seefeld

In the past week, the first three Nordic Combined training groups of the Austrian Ski Federation met up in Seefeld to work on ski jumping and roller-ski technique as well as the general endurance. The jumping hills in Stams and Garmisch were utilised, the roller-ski sessions took place on the plenty of mountain roads surrounding the hist town of the 2019 Nordic World Ski Championships.

Local hero David Pommer had the luxury to sleep in his own bed during the training camp and appreciated the chance to train at home. “Seefeld is always a special training camp for me, not only because of the short commute. We had perfect sessions in Stams and Garmisch and the streets around Seefeld are great for roller-skiing. I did not have any stay-at-home bonus, as we met a lot in the evenings to discuss and plan. Now that the first cold days have arrived, I am already getting excited for the Olympic season and the first snow.”

On the last day, the team held a test competition with all three training groups which Mario Seidl won. The next training camp is planned at the end of the month in Oberhof (GER). The preparation will move to a snow surface in the ski tunnel now.