The PCR in Oberstdorf goes to Takehiro Watanabe

Japanese Takehiro Watanabe won the Provisional Competition Round in Oberstdorf. With 136.5 metres and 144.5 points, Watanabe took the pole position, should the round have to be used in case of adverse weather conditions on the weekend.

Espen Bjørnstad from Norway surprised with 129 metres (144 points) and the second place. Maxime Laheurte returned to a good jumping shape with rank three (132.5 m; 143.6 p.). Should the PCR be used Bjørnstad and Laheurte would start 2 and 4 seconds behind Watanabe.

Akito Watabe, Tomas Portyk and Taihei Kato ranked four, five and six. The longest jump of the day was set by local hero Johannes Rydzek, who landed at 140 metres but failed to set a telemark, which put him into the seventh position, +0:17 behind the winner. Tim Hug on rank eight had a similar fate. He jumped 135 metres after a coach request and two gates lower than his competitors and also did not manage to have a good telemark landing. He ended up on the eighth position, +0:22 behind Watanabe. 

Eric Frenzel still did not find his best jumps and ranked 10th, +0:33 and overall Summer Grand Prix leader Mario Seidl was 11th with 129.5 metres (136.2 p.). Montafon winner Fabian Riessle ranked 15th with 128 metres and a time behind of 44 seconds.

Final Results