Tomas Portyk Czech summer champion

After an accident which involved pouring hot water intended for a tea all over his legs, Tomas Portyk had actually been close to not competing at all but the day ended well for the Czech, who claimed the title for the third consecutive time.

In the jumping round, severely changing wind conditions tested all participants in the joint junior and senior competition. Youngster Ondrej Pazout actually stole Portyk’s show and claimed the pole position for the race with a jump of 102 metres on Liberec’s HS 100. The way to this good jump was not an easy one, however. In a first attempt, the wind suddenly disappeared for Pazout, which lead to the athlete having to jump in conditions outside of the designated corridor. After a protest, the jury granted Pazout a second attempt, one he used well.

As Portyk delivered 100 metres, Pazout’s head start was only four seconds but the two young athletes distanced the other athletes significantly. Lukas Danek followed with a delay of 46 seconds after a 95 metre jump. Team veteran Miroslav Dvorak had one minute and ten seconds to make up.

In the race, Portyk and Pazout skied together for three laps until Portyk made an attack that left his younger opponent behind. He crossed the finish line 13.8 seconds before his closest pursuer, Miroslav Dvorak, who had caught up with the athletes in front due to the fastest skiing time. Pazout had to be satisfied with rank three, +15.9 seconds behind Portyk but took the title of the junior champion. Lukas Danek, David Zemek and Jan Vytrval claimed ranks four, five and six.

"Just before the start, I thought I would not go to the race at all. Yesterday I cooked tea, cracked my cup and had a big burn on my legs. Immediately after announcing the results, I have to go to the hospital for to re-dress the wound ... Naturally, I’m happy with the title but I would say I could only race with half the gas. I was fighting more with myself than with my opponents, but fortunately I well and then I kept the lead", Portyk commented his golden hat-trick.

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