Tomas Portyk enjoys a golden weekend

Tomas Portyk was the winner of a Mass Start test competition that the Czech team held in Rožnově pod Radhoštěm on the past weekend. 

6.5 km of roller-skiing and ski jumping were on schedule for the fourteen participants of Czech and Polish nationalities. Portyk, who finished the cross-country race in the sixth position, captured the victory in the final jumping part. 144 points from the jumping part gave him a total of 222.8 points in the end, narrowly beating runner-up Kristian Gryczuk (221.4 p.). 

The third rank went to Jan Vytrval, who was the fastest skier of the roller-ski race but had to be content with the third place (208.8 p.) in the end. Martin Zeman was fourth, team leader Miroslav Dvorak fifth, Lukas Danek finished sixth.

Result list Roznove pod Radhostem

Later that day, Portyk, Martin Zeman and head coach Vladimir Smid finished the day enjoying a game of the football U-21 European Championships in the Polish city of Tychy. The team supported their fellow Czechs against Denmark.

On the following Sunday, Portyk perfected his weekend with a victory in a Sporten exhibition race.