USA Nordic Promotes Martin Bayer to Head Coach

USA Nordic announced that Martin Bayer has been selected as the new Head Coach for the Men’s Nordic Combined national team.

The promotion is the culmination of over 17 years as a coach in the US, at every level possible. Along with his extensive coaching experience, Bayer brings with him an innate knowledge of the sport, only shared by those who have spent time representing their country at the international level. Bayer competed at both the 92’ and 94’ Olympics for Czechoslovakia and the Slovak Republic, respectively.

Most recently, Bayer had been acting as the development team/continental cup team coach for USA Nordic Sport. While Martin’s close work with the national teams over the past few years makes him a natural fit for the role left vacant by retired head coach Dave Jarrett, it is his years of experience as a club coach that Bayer thinks have most prepared him to step into the role.

When he first came to the US to coach, Martin was surprised to find a financial lack of support and funding for the nordic sports in the US, as compared with countries in Europe. The added costs borne by parents in the US limit the opportunities and the accessibility of the sport. While a lack of funding is nothing new to the nordic disciplines, as the coach of a small club in Ishpeming, MI, and later the head coach of the entire central division, Bayer knows firsthand the challenges facing such a niche sport. It is his first-hand experience that Bayer believes will help him achieve success with the team.

Bayer feels that his years spent rising through the club ranks will make him better able to “relate to the parents and what they’re going through, relate to the athletes and what they’re looking at,” and to “put the best plan forward for the team, using the money we have.”

When asked about his new position, Bayer said he was “excited to be in this position and looking forward to working with everyone to get them the best results.”