Yahin and Nadymova claim Russian summer titles

A big weekend in Chaikovskiy for the Russian athletes is now in the past and Ernest Yahin and Stefania Nadymova were the man and woman of the hour. True to his role as team leader, Yahin took the titles on the normal and large hill, while Nadymova won the women’s title on the HS 102.

The ladies’ jumping competition on Friday ended up with a tight fight between Nadymova and Alexandra Glazunova with the experienced athlete Nadymova coming out on top. 85 metres and 89.5 points gave her a narrow head start of two seconds on Glazunova, who showed 85.5 metres (89 points). Pursuers Svetlana Gladinova and Olga Aristova were already two, respectively two minutes and 20 seconds behind the leading duo. 

A total of 15 ladies took part in the following 5 km roller-ski race and here, Nadymova gained ground on here opponent, who is six years her junior. In the end, 32.9 seconds separated rank one and two, Svetlana Gladinova finished two minutes and 39 seconds behind to claim rank three. The fastest athlete on the track was Larisa Skriabina with 14:17.2. She improved from rank eleven to a final fifth position.

Ernest Yahin ended the jumping competition from the normal hill in the pole position and with a head start of 38 seconds after a 98 metre jump. Runner-up Alexander Pashaev showed 94.5 metres and Timofey Borisov had 56 seconds to make up in the following 7.5 km run. In the end, there was no danger for Yahin, who claimed his 15th Russian title with a whopping time difference of one minute and ten seconds at the finish line. Samir Mastiev, clearly the fastest runner of the field, worked his way on the podium from rank nine and Pashaev managed to hold on to the third position with a finish one minute and 38 seconds after Yahin. 

The final event took part on the large hill and here, the competition was tighter. Just 13 seconds separated Yahin from runner-up Niaz Nabeev at the start of the cross-country race after performances of 128.5 and 127 metres on Chaikovskiy’s HS 140 hill. The third was Alexander Pashayev, who also jumped over the 125 meter mark.

Although Viacheslav Barkov was the fastest in the roller-ski race and tried very hard to come first, he still could not catch up with Ernest Yahin. In the end, 9.7 seconds separated the two, with Barkov working his way to the silver rank from position five. It should be noted Alexander Pashaev claimed a spot on the podium again and lost to the leader by just 15.6 seconds. Niyaz Nabeev, Vitaly Ivanov and Konstantin Abramov completed the top six.

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