Kenneth Gangnes announces his retirement
Kenneth Gangnes

He fought his way back to the top after various serious injuries, but now it was too much for 29-year-old Norwegian Kenneth Gangnes. "When the legs are not fit 100 %, it just doesn't make sense anymore", Gangnes explains his decision.

Norway's Kenneth Gangnes is without a doubt one of the biggest Ski Jumping talents ever. He was third in the overall World Cup 2015/16, won a World Cup in Lillehammer, silver at World Championships and team gold at the Ski Flying World Championships 2016. The clam man from Norway also won in the FIS Grand Prix and achieved various other top results.

But he often had to struggle with serious injuries. Gangnes missed the entire 2016/17 winter season due to an ACL tear, in summer 2017 he was able to compete again before he fell in training in November 2017 and was out for the season again - another ACL tear.
Gangnes came back once again before a thigh injury now forced him to end his career.

"We just couldn't find out what was caused the problems with the thigh. Something was not right with the muscle and it didn't get any better. Sometimes I even had problems climbing stairs. I had many sleepless nights due to this decision. Now I think it was the right thing to do and I can sleep better again. Even if it hurts tremendously. It's about 25 years of my life during which I pursued my goals and dreams", explains Gangnes, who started skiing at age 4, "at least I was able to achieve some of my goals."

Future in Ski Jumping
"Now I hope that I'll have a future in Ski Jumping. I already talked about it with our sports director. Maybe I can even be at the 4-Hills-Tournament without competing myself", says Gangnes, who enjoys a great amount of respect among his teammates and the other athletes.

Stoeckl thanks him for wonderful moments
"This is very sad news, but a decision that was made using common sense. All I can do is to thank Kenneth for all the wonderful moments and his contribution to creating such a wonderful culture among the athletes. He always represented our values and I wish Kenneth all the best for this next phase of his life. Of course, I hope that he will remain part of the Ski Jumping family and that he'll continue to be with us with his enormous experience", said Stoeckl.