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Eight Nations at FIS Development Snowboard Alpine Camp in Bansko

Apr 16, 2024·Inside FIS
Snowboarders seated on the slope, between gates, in Bansko

Eight nations came together at the recent FIS Development Programme Snowboard Alpine Camp in Bansko, Bulgaria, to carve turns and learn. Athletes and coaches from Greece, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Turkey, and Ukraine converged on the ski resort for a week of intensive snowboard alpine training and development.

A Week of Focused Development

The camp offered a comprehensive programme to push the participants' snowboarding abilities to the next level. Each day began with a session on the slopes, with expert instruction helping athletes refine their technique. Afternoons were dedicated to dryland training at the stadium, building physical strength and endurance needed for performance. Before dinner, informative lectures covered essential topics such as strength and conditioning, snowboard waxing, and competition rules. To solidify their learning, the evenings featured video analysis sessions, allowing the participants to review their technique and identify areas for improvement.

Snowboarders and coaches in the start area of the training slope in Bansko
FIS Development Alpine Snowboard Camp in Bansko

Dedication and Progress Shine Through

The camp was a testament to the dedication and progress of both athletes and coaches. Participants pushed themselves each day, with noticeable improvement from the beginning to the end of the week. The coaches were equally dedicated, eager to learn and share their knowledge.

A Memorable Conclusion

The camp culminated in a final evening stroll through beautiful Bansko, allowing participants to unwind and bond after a week of intense training. The FIS Development Programme Snowboard Alpine Camp in Bansko was a resounding success, fostering athletic development, international collaboration, and a shared passion for alpine snowboarding.