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FIS and APEX 2100 Continue to Expand Their Cooperation

Apr 17, 2024·Inside FIS
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FIS and APEX 2100 are continuing their collaboration, further enhancing their engagement with coaches and athletes. For the second consecutive year, coaches' education will be conducted at the APEX 2100 facility. Twenty-three coaches from 14 countries will spend one week at the APEX 2100 facility, acquiring necessary skills and knowledge under the guidance of FIS experts. The coaches' education camp is scheduled for April 23rd to 28th and will once again include coaches working with Para Alpine athletes. Additionally, a second coaches' education week has been planned for the end of October, with a focus on coaching female athletes. For this occasion, FIS will invite female coaches to participate in education sessions at APEX 2100.

British athlete training slalom

Moreover, FIS and APEX 2100 will host the first selection week with the best U16 athletes from the past competition season. The selection criteria will include all FIS-sanctioned children's races, and all participants will have opportunities, based on the selection criteria, to secure one of the 12 available slots. Six male and six female athletes will spend one week, from April 28th to May 4th, at the APEX 2100 facility, working with experts from APEX 2100 to compete for two scholarships (one male and one female).

FIS looks forward to providing more of these opportunities in all FIS disciplines in the future.